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Governance and Leadership

Folder Indicator 2.1 (4 Files)
Download 2.1 Governing Body Policies Procedures and Practices
Download 2.1 Professional Development Plans
Download 2.1 School Handbooks
Download 2.1 Staff Handbooks
Folder Indicator 2.2 (4 Files)
Download 2.2 Communication Plan to inform all staff
Download 2.2 Governing Authority Training Plan
Download 2.2 Governing Code of Ethics
Download 2.2 Proof of Legal Counsel
Folder Indicator 2.3 (7 Files)
Download 2.3 Agendas and Minutes
Download 2.3 Maintenance of Consistent Academic Oversight Planning and Resources
Download 2.3 Roles and Responsibilities of District Leadership
Download 2.3 School System Strategic Plan
Download 2.3 Social Media
Download 2.3 Stakeholder Input and Feedback
Download 2.3 Examples of School Improvement
Folder Indicator 2.4 (4 Files)
Download 2.4 Decisions aligned with School System Strategic Plan
Download 2.4 Examples of Collaboration and Shared Leadership
Download 2.4 Professional Development Offerings and Plans
Download 2.4 Survey Results
Folder Indicator 2.5 (5 Files)
Download 2.5 Examples of Stakeholder Feedback resulting in MCPSS action
Download 2.5 Involvement of Stakeholders in School Improvement Plan
Download 2.5 Involvement of Stakeholders in System Strategic Plan
Download 2.5 MCPSS Communication Plan
Download 2.5 Survey Responses
Folder Indicator 2.6 (4 Files)
Download 2.6 Brief Description of Supervision and Evaluation Process
Download 2.6 Examples of PD offerings and plans
Download 2.6 Representative Supervision and Evaluation Reports
Download 2.6 Supervision and Evaluation Documents with Criteria for improving Professional Practice


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