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Resources and Support Systems

Folder Indicator 4.1 (6 Files)
Download 4.1 Assessments of Staffing Needs
Download 4.1 Documentation of Highly Qualified Staff
Download 4.1 Policies, Processes, Procedures Related to Staffing
Download 4.1 School Budgets for Financial Plans for Last Three Years
Download 4.1 System Budgets or Financial Plans for the Last Three Years
Download 4.1 System Quality Assurance Procedures for Monitoring Qualified Staff Across All Schools
Folder Indicator 4.2 (6 Files)
Download 4.2 Alignment of System Budget with System Purpose and Direction
Download 4.2 Examples of Efforts of School Leaders to Secure Necessary Material and Fiscal Resources
Download 4.2 Examples of School Calendars
Download 4.2 Examples of School Schedules
Download 4.2 System QA Procedures Showing System Oversight of School Resources
Download 4.2 System Strategic Plan Showing Resources Support for System
Folder Indicator 4.3 (8 Files)
Download 4.3 Documentation of Compliance with Local and State Inspections Requirements
Download 4.3 Example School Records of Depreciation of Equipment
Download 4.3 Example System for School Maintenance Request
Download 4.3 Five Year Capital Plan
Download 4.3 Fixed Asset Policy
Download 4.3 Policies, Handbooks on System and School Facilities and Learning Environments
Download 4.3 School Safety Committee Responsibilities, Meeting Schedules and Minutes
Download 4.3 System Quality Control Procedures
Folder Indicator 4.4 (5 Files)
Download 4.4 Five Year Capital Plan
Download 4.4 Fixed Asset Policy
Download 4.4 Policies, Handbooks on System and School Facilities and Learning Environments
Download 4.4 Survey Results
Download 4.4 System`s Strategic Plan Showing Strategic Systems
Folder Indicator 4.5 (3 Files)
Download 4.5 Data On Media and Information Resources Available to Students and Staff
Download 4.5 Schedule of Staff Availability to Assist Students and School Personnel
Download 4.5 Survey Results
Folder Indicator 4.6 (6 Files)
Download 4.6 Assessments to inform development of district and school technology plans
Download 4.6 Brief description of learning management systems of data management systems that support the effective use of student assessment results
Download 4.6 District technology plan and budget to improve technology services and infrastructure
Download 4.6 Examples of school-level technology plans and budgets to improve technology services and infrastructure
Download 4.6 Policies Relative to Technology Use at the System and School Levels
Download Survey Results
Folder Indicator 4.7 (5 Files)
Download 4.7 Agreements with School Community Supports
Download 4.7 List of Support Services Available to Students
Download 4.7 Schedule of Family Services
Download 4.7 Social Classes and Services
Download 4.7 Student Assessment System for Identifying Needs
Folder Indicator 4.8 (4 Files)
Download 4.8 List of Services Available related to Counseling Assessment Referral and Career Planning
Download 4.8 Survey Results
Download 4.8 Description of Referral Process
Download 4.8 Description of IEP process


The Mobile County Public School System is committed to ensuring that the content on this website is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities and users of assistive technology. For more information, see our Section 504 Grievance Procedures. Mobile County Public Schools has earned and maintains system accreditation through AdvancED.