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Construction Bid Tabulations


Bid Responses


PLEASE NOTE: The following are responses to "Invitations To Bid" for Construction related projects and are for information purposes only. You will notice a particular bidder is blocked off which represents a recommendation to the board. These responses are to bids that have been opened, but NOT BOARD APPROVED. This will hopefully allow information to bidders that could not attend the bid opening. The successful vendor will receive an official award notice via email after Board Approval.

The responses will remain on the web site for Sixty (60) days from opening date.



Bid Number

Bid Name

 BSC 14-16  St. Elmo - New Multi-Purpose Building
 BSC 14-18  Robbins Elementary - New Multi-Purpose Building
 BSC 14-17  Burroughs Elementary - New Multi Purpose Building
 BSC 14-29  Central Office - Re-Roof Main Campus
 BSC 14-34  B.C. Rain High - Re-Roof Building "D"
 BSC 14-40  Citronelle High School - New School - Additions/Alterations
 BSC 14-08  Tanner Williams Elementary - Addition/Renovation
 BSC 14-09  Cranford Burns Middle - New Science and Technology Bldg
 BSC 14-11 Williamson High - New Fieldhouse
BSC 14-04 Fournier-Chastang K-8 - New School
BSC 14-14 Ella Grant Elementary - New Multi-Purpose Building
BSC 14-02 Rosa Lott Middle School - Additions and Renovations
BSC 14-03 Dauphin Island Elementary - Replacement of Admin & Cafeteria Bldg
BSC 15-02 Vigor High School - New Walk-In Cooler/Freezer
BSC 15-03 Davidson High School - New Walk-In Cooler/Freezer
BSC 14-05 Phillips Prep - Renovation - Renovation
BSC 15-04 O'Rourke Elementary - Exterior Repairs
BSC 15-05 Murphy High - Phase III - Renovation to Auditorium & Canopies
BSC 15-07 Adelia Williams Elementary - Re-Roof Main Building
BSC 15-08 Ella Grant - Reroof Main Building
BSC 15-09 Dodge Elementary - Reroof Dining Area Roof
BSC 15-10 Hankins Middle School - Re-Roof Building C
BSC 15-11 Griggs Elementary - Reroof Building D & E
BSC 15-12 Davidson Reroof Main Bldg & Canopy Work
BSC 16-01 Williamson High - Resurface Existing Track
BSC 16-09
Murphy High - New Walk-In Freezer
BSC 16-10 O'Rourke Elementary - New Walk-In Freezer and Cooler
BSC 15-16 Baker High - Re-Roof Main Building "A"
BSC 17-01 Mary Montgomery - New Walk-In Freezer
BSC 17-02 Washington Middle - New Walk-In Cooler and Freezer
BSC 17-03 Leflore - New Walk-In Cooler-Freezer


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